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Creating a philosophy of ministry document is an attempt to unite Latino pastor within the denomination and those affiliating as pastors.

Praise (Worship)

Life is reflected in the way we worship God. The great variety of traditions, customs and origins among the Latino people, is manifested in every aspect of our daily life and of course music as a cultural legacy is a very important part of Latino expressions in different contexts.



List of activities and dates planned by the Consejo Latino

As a community of believers,
we seek to introduce people to Jesus Christ
and to nurture their faith through all ages and stages of life.


News & Reflections


COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

To assist you in responding to the challenges that this crisis brings, the ministries of the Christian Reformed Church in North America are curating resources on key topics, and churches are using The Network to learn from and support each other. Don’t see your topic...

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