By the grace and providence of God, this May, the planning meeting between Resonate, Consejo Latino and Revelation University Inc. took place in the city of Miami.

It is a duty to share with readers the joy of continuing to advance in solidifying the dream to assist, train and prepare Hispanic leaders who can focus on the ministerial call in various areas. Our interest is to provide, to men and women in the process of ordination as Commissioned Pastors, the pedagogical tools aligned to our significant Reformed Presbyterian theological and doctrinal base as a Christian Reformed Church and denomination. Likewise, through workshops and local mentoring, we wish to guide our prospects in the development of healthy churches and the solid proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ for the transformation of their communities. We recognize, honor and do not forget the efforts of countless leaders of our denomination who for many years gave themselves to the task of preparing, assisting, educating and empowering Hispanic leadership in local churches. However, this effort has not been enough in the face of the demand and need to present ourselves and affirm ourselves in the Latino communities as the alternative of «What it means to be reformed.» God today has increased our interest in collaboration between representatives of various Christian organizations related to our Reformed faith. Among them leaders of Revelation University Inc, City to City, Resonate and the Latino Council who providentially unite their visions and missions to extend the Kingdom of God and expand the presence of Hispanic Reformed churches within the United States and beyond the borders. What could express all those who undertook this task and today rest in the presence of God? What could all those who somehow put their hands to the plow think, but frustrations consumed their hopes? Due to all this we believe that in the thoughts or expressions of our readers there will be an Amen! We ask for your constant prayers so that this project reaches each Hispanic community and guides the integral transformation by the power of the gospel through our future Hispanic leaders of the Reformed churches.


Karlos Palacios